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Interviewing of suspects and witnesses

Detecting deception

In the process of investigation very often police has to face the challenge of revealing the deception. It is highly probable that suspects and even witnesses lie during interviews, so the police and criminal psychologists need to be capable of detecting deception. There are some common beliefs about the cues ...

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The do’s and don’ts for interviewing witnesses

We have already reviewed some details about an interviewing process here, in this article I will try to go a little deeper and talk about do-s and don’t-s, that every investigator or criminal psychologist should bear in mind while interviewing witness. Do-s First of all an interviewer needs to establish comfortable ...

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Interviewing children or vulnerable adults

One of the most important aspects of investigation is interviewing of suspects and witnesses. In most cases interview is conducted by the investigating police officers, but often interaction with criminal psychologist is essential. Sometimes it is very sensitive process to interview a witness, especially (1) those who have been victims ...

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